Puertos, launched in 2010, has 1,400 has located in Escobar, just 4km from km 44 of Panamericana highway.

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Since its origins, it has been conceived as an eco city-ville, where environmental care is a priority. In addition, it was regionally designed, so that essential service facilities are at a “walking distance”, thus fostering the habit of walking and biking rather than using cars. There will be schools, medical assistance, a mall, a club, restaurants, marinas, a golf course, a central lake, small islands harboring lake animal species and 6 km of Luján river coastline, which will be preserved as a biological corridor with plant and animal species in their purest form. From the real estate standpoint, there will be a wide range of developments, such as sites, town houses, condos and offices, different housing options for the different stages in life. Puertos has over 1,400 has of land and a big 200 has central lake. So far, seven gated communities have been launched: Vistas, Marinas, Ceibos, Acacias, Muelles, Araucarias and Costas, of which five have been handed over.