Consultatio acquired one of the land lots auctioned in the Retiro area for over USD 40 million dollars.

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The company was awarded one of the most sought-after lots, auctioned by Agencia de Administración de Bienes del Estado (Agency for the Administration of State Property) in Catalinas Norte II area.
With a total surface of 3.200 m2, the land bought by Consultatio SA is located on Madero Avenue, between Boulevard Grierson and San Martín Street, a strategic location facing the river, with great potential due to its proximity to Catalinas area and adjacent to Puerto Madero.
The land will be destined for a new office project with an approximate surface of 30.000 covered square meters, 139 mts high. It is expected to be completed in four years. “The office vacancy rate is virtually inexistent in this area and it is a very good time for the sector. We estimate a total investment of about 120 million dollars, Eduardo F. Costantini explained.

Consultatio’s last project of the kind is Catalinas Norte Tower, sold to BBVA Francés, who opened their corporate offices in April, on 23 of the 33 floors of the building. Consultatio Real Estate also moved their main office there. Located at the northern entrance to Puerto Madero and the financial and political city hub, it is one of the most renowned towers in Latin America. It is 155 meters high, the tallest of the twelve towers that make up Catalinas today