Pluto and Proserpina was presented in Bal Harbour

Pluto & Proserpina en Bal Harbour Shopping

Pluto and Proserpina, the work of the renowned artist Jeff Koons and which is part of the Oceana project, was presented in the Bal Harbour mall. Consultatio’s luxury venture in Miami lent the piece for the 50th anniversary of the exclusive shopping mall.
The Withney Museum in Nueva York was responsible for presenting the artwork last year, the first retrospective of this dedicated artist. The piece was also part of his global tour and was presented at the Pompidou Museum in Paris and the Guggenheim of Bilbao.

Pluto y Proserpina en Bal Harbour Shopping

Pluto y Proserpina en Bal Harbour Shopping

New Consultatio city in Escobar

Puertos Lago Escobar

Puertos presented its comprehensive proposal
As part of Puertos sustained development, a press conference was held in which the progress of the new city developed by Consultatio in Escobar was shown to the principal media.
Puertos, which has started to be inhabited, opened the first landmarks of its urban proposal. It is a project with a US$ 415 million direct investment from the developer and US$ 2.000 million considering the private investment in houses, apartments, schools and stores.
The Main Square, across from Escobar Lake is the first urban center and meeting point of the city. A 23 meter tall statue by the renowned Brazilian artist Arthur Lescher was installed there. The art piece called La Aguja (The Needle) is the iconic symbol of the new city and is surrounded by a one-storey building on the lake, which includes a restaurant and the first stores.
In turn, an artistic, landscaping and environmental project empowers Puertos’ proposal as an ideal place to live in, with all the urban facilities and in contact with nature.
From an artistic standpoint, Puertos aims at developing a comprehensive public art program made up of different pieces which are to be placed in several city spaces. The Needle by Artur Lescher is the first piece of the program and is placed in the main square. At the same time, finalizing this first stage, the main building has artworks by Gachi HASPER, Tomás ESPINA, Andrés SOBRINO and Alicia PENALBA.
The Landscaping program, directed by the well-known architect Diana Cabeza and an interdisciplinary work team, developed a global concept to perceive and experience landscape through all the senses. On the other hand, Ramos architecture firm designed the city accesses. The proposal was made from an architectonic, topographic and sustainable point of view, with the landscape as background limiting the public and private areas along the way.
From the environmental point of view, Puertos is a city where looking after the environment is a priority. From a landscaping standpoint, native trees and plants have been privileged, as they are naturally part of the place and its community. In this way, spaces were created and adapted to environmental conditions, thus reducing the need for irrigation, minimizing the use of fertilizers and pesticides, reducing maintenance tasks and favoring the conservation of local animal species.
Moreover, Puertos has a 60 has. Reserve bordering the Lujan river, where the original natural conditions existing before the city was developed have been preserved.
The sustainability program also includes a differentiated garbage collection system to minimize the impact and a green building standard program with the purpose of including environmentally friendly design, technology and materials in the construction of houses and buildings. Based on the sustainability rate obtained, houses and buildings are entitled to different benefits.

Arturo Grimaldi (Director de Proyecto de Consultatio), Eduardo Costantini, Pedro Segura (Director de Obra de Puertos) 3


Puertos_Obra Artur Lescher

Construction of Oceana Bal Harbour is in progress and has reached the fourteenth

Avance Obra Oceana Bal Harbour_Consultatio Real Estate_ Septiembre 2

The residential project developed by Consultatio in Miami is progressing according to plan and 14 floors of the tower have been built so far, reaching a height of 40 meters.

Bal Harbour presents a new face from the sea and anticipates what will constitute one of the most exclusive towers in the city. The renowned Peruvian architect Bernardo Fort Brescia (Arquitectónica) is responsible for the design, Italian Piero Lissoni (Milan) for interior design and Enzo Enea (Zurich) for landscaping.

Avance Obra Oceana Bal Harbour_Consultatio Real Estate_ Septiembre 3

Consultatio received best development award for the Catalinas Norte project

Eduardo Costantini recibe premio APPI por el proyecto de Catalinas Norte
Eduardo Costantini recibe premio APPI por el proyecto de Catalinas Norte

In the framework of the Real Estate 2015 exhibition, Eduardo F. Costantini, President of Consultatio Real Estate, received the 2014 best development award for the Catalinas Norte project from Asociación de Profesores y Directivos de Programas de Real Estate (APPI), represented by their top managers , Damián Tabakman and Juan Carlos Franceschini.

“With this award we want to acknowledge Catalinas Norte as the most outstanding development in 2014, which once more has the Catalinas area as protagonist, with a producer of excellence. We acknowledge Consultatio and Eduardo Costantini for this achievement and the timing of coming into possession of extraordinary land, developing a project together with a renowned international firm in partnership with a local one and the financial structuring that permitted fast development for commercial sale to BBVA bank”, stated Tabakman, president of APPI, before a large audience upon the closing of the first day of the 7th Real Estate Developments and Investments Congress.

Juan Carlos Franceschini (Vice-president of APPI) listed the reasons for awarding Costantini’s project: “It is innovative, the second tallest building in the city that has already been turned into a new postcard of Buenos Aires. It is a sustainable building with Leed certification, a faithful witness of real estate development at this time”, he pointed out. “Eduardo Costantini is an eternal creator of cities and dreams”, he concluded.

Costantini expressed his thanks and said: “Consultatio encourages us to think up differentiating proposals for families and businesses. We adopt a comprehensive vision in all of our projects, in which ethical value is central and is reflected in the honesty of our proposals. These are long-term bets which articulate an urban conception with a singular aesthetic and artistic proposal”.

Catalinas Norte is one of the main corporate towers in Latin America. The AAA office project has Gold LEED pre- certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and will be BBVA’s corporate tower.

Premio APPI a Costantini por Catalinas Norte 2

Consultatio presented the book Oceana KBK Art Project

Cristobal palma libro consultatio real estate oceana key biscayne

In an official act with the presence of Uruguayan president José Mujica and Argentine entrepreneur Eduardo Costantini, construction of the bridge that will join Rocha and Maldonado districts was initiated. The project will require a total investment of U$D 10 million and 75% will be funded by Consultatio.

The bridge will be an essential link between Maldonado and Rocha, generate new sources of work and make it easier to reach schools in the area. Moreover, it will constitute a tourist attraction. From a real estate point of view, it will increase investment in new developments east of the Rocha lagoon.

After six years, joint efforts from the Uruguayan government and Consutatio made the construction of this bridge possible for the benefit of the Rocha community. Saceem, the bid winner, will be in charge of the works.

Construction will take 12 months and will be finished by the summer season 2015/16. In turn, the Uruguayan Transport Ministry will participate in the development with contributions for accesses, asphalt course, signaling, pergolas and lighting.

Cristobal palma libro consultatio real estate oceana key biscayne
Oceana Key Biscayne Cristobal Palma 3

Oceana Key Biscayne Cristobal Palma 2

Oceana Key Biscayne Cristobal Palma

Installation of the art piece that will be the emblem of Puertos

Arthur Lescher Escobar Puertos


In June, a sculpture by the renowned contemporary Brazilian artist Artur Lescher (San Pablo, 1962) was installed in Puertos and it will be the emblem of the new city in Escobar. La Aguja (The Needle), the name of this art piece, was placed in the Central Square of the first public area in Puertos and is the beginning of an art project specially designed for this place. La Aguja is a vertical structure that breaks the horizontality of the predominant landscape. From the surface to the top it is built in concrete, then stainless steel and finally bronze. The structure points at the stars looking for anchoring, thus tracing its own constellation and connecting stars and planets. Lescher gained recognition after participating in the Sao Paulo 19th Art Biennial in 1987, when he presented “aerolitos”. His sculptures have always sought spatial situations where they intend to pass unnoticed as subtle interventions.

Aguja Artur Lescher Puertos Escobar 3 Aguja Artur Lescher Puertos Escobar 2 Aguja Artur Lescher Puertos Escobar

Nordelta launched its 24th neighborhood

Virazón Nordelta

Virazón is one of the last neighborhoods facing the Central Lake with a privileged view and location that will be launched in Nordelta.

The new launch represents the 24th neighborhood in this area with 85% of its lots facing the 180 has. Central Lake of Nordelta. Those who live in Virazón will enjoy the practice of water sports, rowing or sailing, together with the current Nordelta facilities.

Virazón will have excellent sports facilities, which include 4 tennis courts, football pitch, playground, club house with swimming-pool and a kids playing park.

The project was designed for those interested in building their home in a unique place and living in contact with nature, overlooking a mirror of water, without giving up modern city comfort.

Currently, the city has 5 schools, a shopping center with over 80 top of the line stores, 4 banks, 20 restaurants, 2 night bars, medical center, sports club, Intercontinental Hotel and an 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus (three times seat of the Open Championship of the Republic).

Barrio Náutico 1 Barrio Náutico 2

Progress in Puertos / Lago Escobar

Family Day Puertos

As a result of the advances in Puertos, the new city in Escobar, the Family Day took place with the purpose of showing owners and community members the progress made in the area, while they enjoyed recreational activities together with their families.

Owners could visit their sites and shared a fun day for all ages with different activities, such as sailing in the central lake, hanging games, skating and workshops, among others.

Puertos has already opened 6 neighborhoods; 1,588 sites out of which only 15% is still available. The first three neighborhoods were finished early in 2014 and the first houses are currently being built. Furthermore, construction of the first stage of the commercial area is about to be completed. This will be the city meeting point.