Progress in Puertos

Puertos_Avance de obra en Puertos


The first neighborhoods of the new Consultatio’s project in Escobar are being consolidated. Moreover, direct access to Panamericana highway is about to be finished.
From the real estate point of view, Puertos will offer a wide range of developments, such as sites, town houses, condos and offices, which will provide housing options for the different life stages. The first five neighborhoods developed in the new city of Escobar have over 1,500 lots that are currently being developed, three of which will be ready by the end of 2013. Vistas, Marinas and Acacias have lots ranging from 600 to 1.400 square meters.
Together with the progress made in the neighborhoods, an 800 mts. access from Escobar to Panamericana highway (at 44 km.) was completed. It is a direct exit from the main highway and is elevated over the railway and Escobar stream, thus allowing fast and safe traffic flow towards Puertos. The 4 km. long road from the viaduct to Puertos has two lanes each way, a central boulevard, lighting and security all the way through.

Puertos – Final stage of the access route


The 4km double lane access boulevard between Puertos and km 44 of the Pan-American Highway, Escobar Branch, is paved and the signals are in place, the fencing and lighting are underway and soon vertical signals (highway indicators) and landscaping of the surrounding areas and roundabouts will be carried out as the final works on this double two-lane route which involved landfill remediation work on approximately 60,000 m2 of land, various hydraulic works including 6,000 meters of reinforced concrete ditches and sinks, as well as some 50,000 m2 of asphalt.

Puertos – Forestry and Landscape Design

The landscaping of the access boulevard to Puertos is underway. The complete landscaping project was developed with a strong environmental awareness. It is based on the preponderance of native flora in order not to disrupt the existing ecosystem, thus preserving native bird-life.
The object is to achieve a sustainable landscape, requiring minimal use of agrochemicals, integrated with the landscape and visually pleasing.

Species such as Erythrina crista galli (Ceibo), Iris pseudacorus, Acacias caven (espinillos), and Solanum verbascifolium have been used in the landscaping of the access.

Puertos – Work in the acces of Pan-American Highway


Despite the extraordinary rains that occurred during the month of August all the columns and mounted 80% of the beams are already done.
Currently it is moving forward with the branches in and out of the Panamericana.

This work finish the access to Puertos desde from and for the Pan-American Highway in Escobar at km 44.

Nordelta – Construction of houses in neighborhoods recently handed over is underway

The last neighborhoods finished and handed over in 2012 were Los Lagos, Lagos del Golf and El Yacht. Rapid construction is expected in all of them. Los Lagos already has 32 houses under construction and another 14 pending blueprint approval. Lagos del Golf has 26 houses pending blueprint approval. The El Yacht has the first 4 houses under construction, 6 with approved blueprints and 25 more pending blueprint approval. The Golf also is in the process of conpastruction, with 86 houses completed, 54 under construction, 26 with approved blueprints and 86 pending blueprint approval.


Nordelta – Completion of Works

The first apartments and townhouses have been handed over in El Palmar. This neighborhood is of medium density and is located near the schools and in front of the central lake; many apartments have outstanding views. Barrio El Palmar has 11 condominiums with a total of 850 units and a total of 100,000 m2.

Puertos – Work Continues


Construction work in the five neighborhoods of Puertos del Lago are advancing at a good pace.

Currently the Barrio Vistas works are completed, the piling is completed and the lake network layout has begun, to date 700 meters of piping have been placed out of a total of 800 meters.

Sewage works have begun, and during this initial stage 20% of these works have been completed.

Ciervos neighborhood piling is advanced, and soil movements have been completed. Work continues on the lakes of Acacias, Muelles and Marinas neighborhoods.

Consultatio announces its first residential development in USA

Key Biscayne Consultatio anuncia su primer desarrollo en USA


In 2009, the company acquired 4.2 hectares of land in the exclusive area of Key Biscayne. This was the lastavailable site in the place, where a luxury residential complex will be developed: Oceana Key Biscayne.

To acquire the land, the company invested USD 78 million and will invest an additional sum of USD 200 million todevelop the project.

The site, in a unique and strategic location, is 152 meters long, on the Atlantic Ocean and will consist of 165 luxuryapartments.

Key Biscayne Consultatio anuncia su primer desarrollo en USA

Nordelta – A fifth school has come to Nordelta

image552 baja01

Northfield School will open its doors in Nordelta in March 2013. It will have nursery, kindergarten, elementary and preschool through third grade levels. It is a secular, mixed bilingual school. Its first building is under construction (1,900m2) and common spaces. This school is the fifth in Nordelta in addition to the four already established there: Northlands, Michael Ham, St. Luke’s and Cardinal Pironio (Marin Education Group).

A new school opens in Nordelta

Northfield School Inauguración_Se inaugura un nuevo colegio en Nordelta

Nordelta expands its educational options with the opening of Northfields School, the fifth school in this area, bilingual, co-ed and lay.
With over 250 students enrolled, Northfield opened its first 1,900 SQM building, with a sports field of over 2 hectares. This is the last of the four schools already operating in Nordelta: Northlands, Michael Ham, St. Luke’s and Cardenal Pironio – Grupo Educativo Marin, which will offer education to over 5,000 students, both in Nordelta and nearby neighborhoods.
Construction of the first stage demanded an investment of USD 4 million and separate buildings for primary and secondary levels are expected to be built on a second stage.