Consultatio and Endeavor introduce the cycle “Leaders: high-impact talks”

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Consultatio and Endeavor Argentina are organizing a series of four meetings with different business leaders of the sector. The common denominator in the talks is the entrepreneurial track-record of the protagonists, in addition to their vision of the present. Each event starts with an interview to a young entrepreneur.
The first event was held in Malba on Thursday, July 6th with the presence of Eduardo Costantini, Founder and President of Consultatio, and Martín Migoya, co-founder and CEO of Globant. Both leaders reviewed their entrepreneurial history, together with Clarín journalist Silvia Naishtat. The session began with an interview to Martin Frank, the young CEO of Restorando.
Costantini spoke about his early days, even his childhood in a boarding school, and how he had gone into debt in order to do a Master’s degree in England. Finally, he returned to his country to work with his brother and support the family he had started when he was very young. Once settled, he made investments in real estate, which helped him grow and develop. In this sense, he said: “Things were going well, but I didn´t want to be a mere checking account; I have always been interested in social issues and it was then that I started to envision what today is MALBA.”
On the other hand, Migoya explained that after his entrepreneurial father went bankrupt in the 2002 crisis, being self-employed was condemned in his family. However, he resumed the entrepreneurial initiative and created Globant with three friends. It is a multinational company of innovative software products, which was even chosen by Google.

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Endeavor is a global organization with over 50 offices all over the world. They provide strategic support to entrepreneurs and offer a network of mentors. By promoting successful stories and developing entrepreneurial eco-systems nationwide, they contribute to fostering the entrepreneurial culture, inspiring future generations of business leaders.

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