With an investment of U$D 120 million, Oceana Puerto Madero is born

Sky_2017_PM_0012 S CARPA

Consultatio bought the last available site in Dique 2 for the construction of a new building.

For the first time, Eduardo F. Costantini and Alan Faena (main real estate developers in Argentina), get together to create a new project: Oceana Puerto Madero. Through this creative association, both teams will be working on the conception of two residential buildings, with a vast public square of amazing landscaping, in addition to a program of public art.

Within the framework of this agreement, Consultatio SAU (subsidiary of Consultatio SA) acquired the premises in joint ownership with investment fund “Consultatio Inmobiliario Fondo Común de Inversión Cerrado Ley 27.260” (20%) –at an 80/20 ratio- in 44 million dollars, and will be in charge of the development. Alan Faena, on the other hand, will contribute to its design and concept.

Oceana Puerto Madero will be the last piece of Distrito Faena; both buildings will occupy approximately 26.000 m2 (salable, over 40.000 in total surface), and will respect the urban environment and the identity of a historical area.