The long-awaited Laguna Garzon Bridge is set up

Obra Puente Laguna GarzóN

After six years of public hearings and agreements, the bridge that connects Rocha and Maldonado counties is a reality today. Eduardo Costantini, Las Garzas developer, invested around U$D 10 million in its construction. It is an iconic architectural piece designed by Rafael Viñoly.

Rocha, December 22nd, 2015;- Las Garzas -Eduardo Costantini’s venture in Uruguay-, is celebrating Laguna Garzon Bridge set-up together with official authorities. This marks a cornerstone in the economic growth and development of Uruguay. Consultatio/Las Garzas was a key player in consolidating project: around U$D 10 million were invested, 80% of the total cost.

“The joint effort of the National State and Consultatio made the building of the bridge possible. All legal and environmental requirements were observed and the participation of architect Rafael Viñoly greatly benefited the project”, states Eduardo Costantini. “It is an iconic architectural piece that will be a catalytic factor in driving the development of Rocha’s coastline, especially protected to preserve direct contact with nature. Just 35% of the stretch between the two lagoons can be developed and 50% must be devoted to green areas”, Costantini points out.

The Laguna Garzon Bridge will be an essential connection between Rocha and Maldonado counties and will improve communication in this area. It was designed by the renowned Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly as a “lagoon inside a lagoon” and is at the same time an observatory, tourist and fishing spot.

The project is round-shaped with a concrete structure built on piles. There is a sector for car traffic (it is estimated that about 1000 vehicles per day will be crossing it) and one for pedestrians with an external walkway and an internal covered one. From the environmental point of view, the project presented by Vignoly was approved not only because of its unique design, but also because it fits the high environmental standards in Rocha.

In September 2014, construction company Saceem started building the bridge that today replaces the former raft crossing. It was completed after 12 months.

Among the challenges, it is worth pointing out:
– Project with a high degree of geometrical complexity.
– Constructive procedure and use of high technology to meet deadlines.
– Complex post-stressed system which required engineering and the use of imported equipment from Europe to carry out this project.
– Design of a wide variety of building processes and execution of multiple elements for their implementation.
– Transportation and mounting of 70- ton pieces.

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